How do you get rid of home business in Sims 2?

There is no ‘option’ to shut down a home business that I know of. Just sell the inventory and ditch the open/closed sign. Home businesses have no deed, so it can’t be sold. You can, however, pass it down (upon the owners death) to a household member.

How do you manage a business in Sims 2?

Build the business.

And put a lot, too, because items sell quickly. Include a cash register for most businesses, and it’s good to have a restroom. Put a green store sign outside the door so customers will know when the store is open. For a restaurant or diner, you’ll need Sims 2 Nightlife.

How do you start a home business on Sims 2?

Once you have the sign, grab an adult Sim, click the phone, select “Business…,” and then select “Start Home Business.” A little confirmation box will appear. If you accept, your business starts immediately. Note that even if a home business is started, you still cannot visit a lot if it’s a residential one.

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How do you sell stuff on Sims 2 Open for business?

Sim-Crafted Items

You can sell the item through Buy Mode or a social interaction immediately after it’s crafted, or you can flag it for sale with a nice markup. Alternatively, you can just move the item off the worktable and use it yourself.

How do you reset a household in Sims 2?

User Info: FatalIncident. Found it, for anybody that’s having the same problems just go to My Documents – EA Games – The Sims 2,delete the sims 2 folder and restart the game. It should make a new one but make sure you’ve copied the Downloads folder before you do that or your stuff’ll get lost >.>

How do I start my own Sim business?

You can buy a sim card at wholesale price as low as #500 equivalent to $1.3141 from the service provider network then register it and resell it at a cost of #900 or #1000 naira to your customers and if anyone brings a sim card that is not registered to you for registration, you can charge them #150 or #100 naira per …

How do you get business perks in Sims 2?

Once your Sim is at their business, SHIFT and LEFT CLICK on the owner. CLICK DEBUG Interaction. There are 3 things to choose from: Cheer Up, Give Influence Points, and Give Reward Points. Click Give reward Points multiple times to get all Business Perk Points.

How do you get more money on Sims 2?

In The Sims 2: Open for Business and The Sims 2: FreeTime, items made on the workbenches can be sold off the bench, or in Buy mode. In The Sims 3: University Life you can make money by “making your mark” – spraying the town. Just develop the Street Art skill by taking a class and reading the skill books.

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How do you sell flowers on Sims 2?

Put them on display counters. (The inventory is like the catalogue! You can click and drag some things out of it!) Using the business tabe in the top right (visable at all buusinesses) you can then use a button there to set any item for sale.

How do you sell cars on Sims 2?

To sell cars on community lots you don’t need to use a cheat. There is a special car display case called ‘Show My Ride’ (found under Surfaces -> Misc). And yes, that display can only be used in a community lot, you can sell a car from a driveway in a home-based business.

How do you run a cafe in Sims 2?

Place the “Restaurant Podium” item from “The Sims 2: Nightlife” near the front of your restaurant. Place the “Chef Station” item in the kitchen. Use the business menu to hire at least two employees (you can use your own Sim for a grand total of three). Assign a Sim with high cooking skill to be the chef in the kitchen.

How do you start your own business in Sims 4?

Most players will prefer to make their own from scratch on an empty lot. To do this, use your Sim’s phone and go to the Career/Household tab, then select Buy a Retail Store. You will be taken to a world selection screen, from which you can browse lots to buy in any Neighborhood that you own.

How do you reset the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection?

You should be able to go to My DocumentsEA GamesThe Sims™ 2 Ultimate Collection and just delete the neighbourhoods, then start the game up and make a fresh one.

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How do I reinstall the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection?

To uninstall, right-click the game panel and choose to Uninstall. This will either start the process, or open your Programs and Feaures panel, where you can choose the game in question, and to remove it. To reinstall, find the game panel in Origin and choose do download.

How do you reset your Sims game?

To reset your game:

  1. Go to My Documents.
  2. Find The Sims 4 folder.
  3. Click on it and press Delete.
  4. Confirm you want to delete the folder.
  5. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  6. Restart your computer.
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