How do I pay my business taxes in Arkansas?

New users sign up at or click on the ATAP link on our web site ATAP is a web-based service that allows taxpayers, or their designated representative, online access to their tax accounts and related information.

How do I pay taxes as a business owner?

If you’re a sole proprietor, every year you must file Schedule C (Profit or Loss From Business) with your Form 1040 (U.S. Individual Income Tax Return) to report your business’s net profit and loss. You also must file Schedule SE (Self-Employment Tax) with your 1040.

Can you pay your sales tax online in Arkansas?

You have two options for filing and paying your Arkansas sales tax: File online – File online at the Arkansas Taxpayer Access Point (ATAP). You can remit your payment through their online system. File by mail – You can use Form ET-1 and file and pay through the mail.

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How does a business pay sales tax in Arkansas?

For traditional business owners selling goods or services on-site, calculating sales tax is easy: all sales are taxed at the rate based on the location of the store. … Since books are taxable in the state of Arkansas, Mary charges her customers a flat-rate sales tax of 9.5% on all sales.

Can I pay my taxes out of my business account?

How to pay your quarterly taxes online if you’re a freelancer or business owner. … The IRS allows you to pay your quarterly estimated taxes with an electronic funds transfer, debit card, or credit card online. As long as your bookkeeping and taxes are up to date, figuring out how much to pay can be very simple.

How much income can a small business make without paying taxes?

As a sole proprietor or independent contractor, anything you earn about and beyond $400 is considered taxable small business income, according to Fresh Books.

How much money does a business have to make to file taxes?

Generally, for 2020 taxes a single individual under age 65 only has to file if their adjusted gross income exceeds $12,400. However, if you are self-employed you are required to file a tax return if your net income from your business is $400 or more.

Where do I pay my sales tax on my car in Arkansas?

Before a new or newly purchased vehicle can be registered, the owner must pay the sales tax on it. This can be done at the time of registration, either online at or in-person at a state revenue office.

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Do you have to file taxes in Arkansas?

State Income Tax Filing Requirements

To claim any refund due, you must file an Arkansas income tax return. Residents of Ar- kansas must complete Form AR1000. Nonresidents and Part-Year Residents must complete Form AR1000NR.

Can you make payments on sales tax in Arkansas?

Arkansas has a payment plan for Arkansas state sales tax and businesses can choose to pay monthly or quarterly.

Who is exempt from paying sales tax in Arkansas?

Some customers are exempt from paying sales tax under Arkansas law. Examples include government agencies, some nonprofit organizations, and merchants purchasing goods for resale. Sellers are required to collect a valid exemption or resale certificate from buyers to validate each exempt transaction.

What is the maximum amount you can pay for a car in Arkansas and not pay sales tax?

Under state law, the tax applies to any used passenger vehicle costing $4,000 or more. The state sales tax of 6.5% plus any local sales taxes is due on the whole amount of a car costing $4,000 or more. A car costing less than $4,000 is exempt.

How much will my sales tax be in Arkansas?

The state general sales tax rate of Arkansas is 6.5%.

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