Quick Answer: How do I register a business name in Colorado?

How much does it cost to register a business name in Colorado?

To register a Sole Proprietorship, submit a Statement of Trade Name of an Individual. The filing fee is $20. To register a Partnership, the document is the same as above, but the filing fee is $25. To form a Corporation, you submit the Articles of Incorporation and the filing fee of $50.

How do I file a business name in Colorado?

A Statement of Trade Name must be filed and paid for online.

If this will be filed under an existing record:

  1. Search for your business record.
  2. On your Summary page select File a form.
  3. Select to file a trade name.
  4. Complete the trade name form through payment confirmation.

Does Colorado require DBA?

In Colorado, a sole proprietor or business entity has between 30 and 60 days in which it can use a DBA without registering the name with the Secretary of State. … A sole proprietor must file for a DBA if he or she chooses to operate under a name different than the name of the personal owner.

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How do I get an LLC in Colorado?

You may use the Colorado Secretary of State business database to lookup business in a number of ways: by name, trademark, trade name, ID number, or document number. An advanced search will allow you to pare down the search results by submitting as much information as possible.

How much does it cost to get an EIN number in Colorado?

Applying for an EIN for your LLC is free ($0)

Applying for an EIN for your Colorado LLC is completely free. The IRS doesn’t charge anything for applying for an EIN.

Why should you register a business name?

Registering a business name is a legal obligation, if you choose to identify your business with a name that is different to the name of the legal entity that owns the business. Registering a trademark is a choice you make as part of a branding strategy for your products and services.

What is the difference between a trade name and an LLC?

The LLC name, or legal name, is the official name of the entity that is used to sign documents, file tax returns, file lawsuits, or to submit a loan application with a bank. On the other hand, a business name, or trade name, is the name the public uses to identify your business.

Can I change my small business name?

By filing a document called “Articles of Amendment,” an LLC or corporation can request to change the name of the business. When approved, it means your company will operate under its new name. … (Generally, applying for a new EIN won’t be necessary when changing a business name, but it’s best to check to make sure.)

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How long does it take to get an LLC in Colorado?

Expedited Processing. Time to process your corporation or LLC formation varies by state with routine processing taking 4 – 6 weeks or even more in the slowest states. Expedited Processing will reduce that time to about 10 business days or less with the exception of just a few states.

How much does it cost to register a DBA in Colorado?

For example, you may have registered company as The Best Business, LLC, but would like to operate as “Best Biz.” This is done by filing a DBA with the Colorado Secretary of State. As of this writing, the fee to register a DBA is $20 and there is a $10 renewal fee every year.

Do I need a business license in Colorado?

The State of Colorado does not issue or require a generic general business license. Licenses are issued by various state agencies for specific types of business, activities and professions.

Is a trade name the same as a DBA?

A trade name is also known as a fictitious name or a DBA (doing business as). A registered business entity can file for Registration of Trade Name (Form T-1) as long as the name is different from its registered name.

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