How do I start a microgreens business?

How profitable is a microgreens business?

They can be grown in a small space and can sell for $50 per pound or more​, making them an ideal crop for small farms and urban growers. In an area as small as a shipping container, garage, or basement you could potentially be earning six figures in revenue per year!

How much does it cost to start a microgreens business?

Starting a microgreens business requires very minimal investment and time. You can start from just a $100 and the business would only require a couple of hours of your time. You can easily make $500 – $1000 per month, with just 10-20 trays. Though, it’s not that simple.

How do I start a Microgreen business from home?

How To Grow Microgreens

  1. Soak the seeds in water for about three days and keep the tray in a dark room.
  2. After the seeds sprout, transfer the seedlings to a tray with soil and keep it at a place that does not get direct sunlight.
  3. For the next few days, spray the tray with water until the sixth or the seventh day.

Do you need an LLC to sell microgreens?


In Pomona, an LLC, Corporation or Doing Business As (DBA) filing registers the assumed business name.An assumed business name filing registers the name and selects the legal structure of your company.

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How much should I charge for microgreens?

The average selling price for microgreens is $25 – 40 per pound. As for each 1020 tray, the average yield is between 8 – 12 oz per harvest (7-14 days). That means you will be able to earn at least $12.5 – 18.8 per tray of microgreens.

Is there a demand for microgreens?

The Global Microgreens Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% during the forecast period (2020-2025). The microgreens market is driven by chefs that use them as flavor enhancements and as colorful garnishes on their plates but there is another niche industry that pushes new growth within this segment, cosmetics.

Can I sell microgreens online?

Home Delivery to Customers

If you have a website, customers can sign up and pay for your microgreens, and then deliver them to their homes on a weekly or monthly basis. If the restaurant and local market channels are saturated, home delivering your microgreens to customers is a great alternative.

How do you make money growing microgreens?

You can easily bring in $20 – $30 per tray by increasing yields and/or prices. For the sakes of this example, we’ll say that the average profit per tray for microgreens is a conservative $15. If you can grow 20 trays on one rack every week, that’s $300 a week in profit!

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are packed with nutrients. While their nutrient contents vary slightly, most varieties tend to be rich in potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and copper (2, 3 ). Microgreens are also a great source of beneficial plant compounds like antioxidants ( 4 ).

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