How do I change my business registration Address in NJ?

How do I change my business address with an LLC in NJ?

Changing an LLC Address

In New Jersey, the registered agent of the LLC must file Form L-122 with the New Jersey Department of Treasury’s Division of Revenue. This form is available online and can be filed by mail or in-person.

How do I change my business registration in NJ?

Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships should use Form REG-C-L, Sections A – F to report changes in tax/wage registration, and mail changes to the Division of Revenue, Client Registration Bureau, PO Box 252, Trenton, NJ 08646-0252.

How do I officially change my business address?

To update business address with IRS, file Form 8822-B, Change of Address or Responsible Party – Business. Complete the IRS business change of address form when you change your business mailing address or location. Where you mail the form depends on your old business address.

Can you change your business address at any time?

Many companies may want to change their registered office address as their business changes over time. … However, if you didn’t form your company with us, and need to change your registered address, then you can download form AD01 from the Companies House website.

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Can a NJ LLC have a PO box address?

As per 42-2C-14, your LLC’s Registered Agent must have a physical street address located in the state of New Jersey. A New Jersey Registered Agent address can’t be a PO Box address.

Can I use virtual address for LLC?

Can I Use A Virtual Address For My LLC? Certainly. Virtual addresses are real physical addresses, and as such, you are able to register any business at that location.

How do I change my business filing status?

The process of changing the tax status of an LLC to a corporation or S corporation is called an election. The two processes are different: To elect Corporation status, the LLC must file IRS Form 8832 – Entity Classification Election.

How do I transfer ownership of a business in NJ?

If you’re the owner of a New Jersey LLC, you can change the business or registered agent name with a business entity amendment form. You can create your own documents, but the division suggests that you use its form. The division will deny your request if you fail to include all the pertinent information.

How do I register for sales tax in NJ?

To register, file a Business Registration Application (Form NJ-REG) online with the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services. Once registered, you will receive a New Jersey Business Registration Certificate and, if applicable, a New Jersey Certificate of Authority (to be able to collect Sales Tax).

Can I put a different address on tax return?

If you file your return with the wrong address, that can’t really be undone. You’ll need to contact the IRS directly to update your address (you can use their toll-free number: 1-800-829-1040). If your return(s) are rejected by the IRS, you can simply change your address before resending your tax return.

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How do I change my registered address?

You can change the registered office address at any time but the new address must be within the same jurisdiction. Updating the registered office address at Companies House is quite easy, you simply need to file form AD01 online or by completing the paper version.

Can I use my registered agent address as my business address?

If you call the Secretary of State’s office, they will also tell you that the Registered Agent address can be used as the company’s address. … If you’re not your own Registered Agent, then you SHOULD NOT USE the Registered Address as your company’s business address. The reason is this address is not in your control.

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