How do I change my business name in Oklahoma?

You can just file an amendment to change the name of your Oklahoma LLC. Doing this will inform the Secretary of State about your plan. Additionally, your LLC also needs to change its name on the records with the state and government. The same rule applies to Oklahoma corporations.

How do I change the name of my LLC in Oklahoma?

To make amendments to the organization of your limited liability company in Oklahoma, you file the Amended Articles of Organization of an Oklahoma Limited Liability Company form with the Secretary of State by mail, in person or by fax and with the filing fee.

Can you rename an existing LLC?

To change your LLC’s name, you must file a Certificate of Amendment along with any fee required. … You must file an amendment request only for a legal name change. If you just want a new trade name, you can apply for a fictitious business name, also known as a DBA (“doing business as”).

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Do I need a DBA in Oklahoma?

A business is not required to register a DBA in Oklahoma. However, doing so will secure the business’ exclusive right to use a name within the state. This is important not only for business purposes relating to dispelling any potential consumer confusion, but is also a concern as it pertains to legal liability.

How much does it cost to register a business name in Oklahoma?

To do so in Oklahoma, you must register your trade name with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. To register, file a Trade Name Report with the Secretary of State online or by mail. The filing fee is $25.

Do I have to renew my LLC every year in Oklahoma?

Due Date: Oklahoma LLC annual certificates are due every year by the end of your LLC’s anniversary month (i.e., the month when you initially registered your LLC with the state). Late Filings: Any annual certificate received after the due date will result in your LLC losing its good standing status with the state.

Where do I register my business name in Oklahoma?

Registering a Business Name

In Oklahoma, once the name of a business has been decided, the owner(s) can seek to register it for exclusive use in the state. To do this, the person(s) involved should contact the office of Oklahoma’s Secretary of State (SOS) and complete a Trade Name Report.

Does my LLC name have to be the same as my business name?

No, your LLC name does not have to BE your business name or MATCH your website name. Your LLC name is your company’s legal entity name while your business name is your brand name to market to your customers.

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How hard is it to change a business name?

Whatever the reason, you can easily change your LLC’s name by filing paperwork with your state agency that handles business filings. The most difficult and time-consuming part of an LLC name change is altering your LLC’s name on all your business accounts, contracts and marketing materials.

Is it hard to change the name of an LLC?

Usually, the LLC’s members must formally approve a name change through a written resolution that the LLC members have signed. The resolution is an official record of the approval, and it should be kept with an LLC’s other corporate documents. 3. Amend the LLC Articles of Organization.

How much does it cost to file a DBA in Oklahoma?

File the DBA (trade name). Whenever you use a business name that isn’t your legal name, you must register it with the Secretary of State. You’ll need to file the Trade Name Report with the Secretary of State Forms Library and submit it to the Secretary of State. The filing fee is about $25.

What’s the difference between DBA and LLC?

When considering the difference between DBA and LLC, a limited liability company, or “LLC,” is a legal body that is separate and distinct from its owners. A “DBA,” or “doing business as,” is merely a name owners use to conduct their business and has no legal force.

Where do I file a DBA in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, you register your DBA with the secretary of state. You can file online at the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s website, or you can complete the trade name report form.

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