You asked: How do I add an agent to Facebook Business Manager?

How do I add an agent to my Facebook business page?

To add partners or agencies to your business:

  1. Go to Business Settings.
  2. Below Users, click Partners.
  3. Click + Add.
  4. Select Give a partner access to your assets.
  5. Enter the Partner Business ID you want to add and click Next.
  6. On this screen, you can add partners to multiple assets. …
  7. Click Save Changes.

How do I add someone to Business Manager?

Add a person to an account in Business Manager

  1. Open Business Manager Settings.
  2. In the People tab on the left, below the People column, click Add.
  3. Enter the email address of the person you want to add. You can add multiple people.
  4. You can assign each person a role. To add them without assigning a role, click Skip.

What is a partner in Facebook Business Manager?

Partners are other businesses, such as agencies or clients, with whom you work. Add partners to your Business Manager so that you can share assets with each other. You can’t give partners access as admins or employees. You can only share permissions to assets with your partners.

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How do I set up an agency account on Facebook?

Create your account

  1. Go to and select Create Account.
  2. Enter your name and confirm your identity with Facebook login credentials.
  3. Follow the prompts to create your business account.

How do I regain access to my Facebook business page?

Upload your ID – If you have an unusual name, Facebook may require you to verify it by sending them ID. Identify your friends – This is the simplest way to regain access to your account. You will be asked to identify your friends based on their pictures.

How do I get to my business settings on Facebook?

From the Business Manager dashboard, click Business Settings. From the left menu, under Accounts, click Business Asset Groups, then click Create Business Assets Group.

How do I approve a business manager request?

Steps to accept an invitation to Business Manager:

  1. Go to Business Settings.
  2. Click Requests.
  3. Click Received.
  4. Accept or decline requests.
  5. Enter your password and click Save Changes.

How many ad accounts can I create in business manager?

Business manager can host a maximum of 5 ad accounts, and there is no way you can request more.

How do I request a business partner on Facebook?

If you are a Business Manager admin, you can also approve partner requests in this way:

  1. Log in to your Business Manager.
  2. Go to Business Settings from your left sidebar. Then, click Requests.
  3. Click on the Received tab. You should see businesses that have requested access to your Page here. …
  4. Click Approve or Decline.

How do I become a business partner on Facebook?

To become a badged Facebook Business Partner, your agency is evaluated across a combination of criteria:

  1. Spend. Amount of media investment from ad accounts in selected Business Manager over the last 180 days.
  2. Qualifying placements.
  3. Qualifying spend.
  4. Active pages.
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What are assets in Facebook Business Manager?

Assets include Facebook Pages, pixels, ad accounts, Instagram accounts and more. To add assets, you can create a new asset in Business Manager, claim an existing asset, or request access to an asset owned by another business.

Does a Facebook business page have to be linked to a personal account?

No, Facebook does not allow you to create a business page without it being linked to a personal profile. Any business page needs an admin, who is a person who manages the page. However, once you have it set up, you can assign roles and add other accounts as administrators.

What is the difference between a Facebook business page and a business account?

When you set up a profile for your business, you are creating a separate account for your business as if it were a person. … An easy way to remember the difference between a Facebook profile and a Facebook page is that that Facebook profiles are for people, while Facebook pages are for businesses.

How do I accept access to my Facebook page?

Accepting Facebook Page Access Requests

  1. Open your Page and click Settings in the right corner and select Page Roles.
  2. You should see a pending request under the Pending Partner Requests section. …
  3. Click “Give (name) access to my Page.”
  4. Click “Approve Request”.
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