What entrepreneurial activities do you know and capable of doing which are related to?

They are: business, marketing, accounting, project management, and human resources.

What are the entrepreneurial activities that you know and capable of doing which are related to the strand you are enrolled in?

Entrepreneurial activities refers to the human action in pursuit of the addition of value by exploiting new products or looking for ways of improving the market. Some entrepreneurial activities that re related to commercial cooking include making of bread,pastries,desserts,Filipino foods and other foreign tasty foods.

What entrepreneurial activities do you know and are capable of doing which are related to food processing?

These are the following entrepreneurial activities that I know and are capable of doing related to food fish processing:

  • Establishing small fish stall or renting a stall in the market.
  • Online business for fish products.

What is the importance of entrepreneurship in stem strand?

“For STEM students, entrepreneurship is of specific importance and relevance as it helps them not just to be able to solve hard tech problems once they are clearly defined, but to be able to recognise and identify emerging needs and wants, and then, proactively participate in satisfying them by creating and renewing …

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Tailoring – stitching of outfits per the size of an individual is tailoring. A small outlet can be set up to tailor the clothes of men, women and children. Fashion designing – designing the outfits per new trends is called fashion designing.

What entrepreneurial activities do you know and capable of doing which are related to animal production?

Biotechnology have their specialization in the seeds-production and controlling the bio-agents. Production of marine life is highly recommended on the coastal line. Animal husbandry also gives the best opportunity in the agri-business.

What are the 4 types of entrepreneurial activities?

It turns out that there are four distinct types of entrepreneurial organizations; small businesses, scalable startups, large companies and social entrepreneurs. They all engage in entrepreneurship. Yet entrepreneurs in one class think that the others aren’t the “real” entrepreneurs.

What is entrepreneurial experience?

Entrepreneurship Experience is a process of understand your customer needs, build products that customers desire and validate business viability. It will provide you with all the tools and techniques to understand the customer better, validate assumptions and build products that customers desire.

Why entrepreneurial activities are important?

Entrepreneurial activities are important to social development and economic progress because it gives a lot of opportunities to our society by providing jobs. … It also helps the economic growth in terms of businesses and establishments every entrepreneur builds.

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